Are white guys attractive?

It doesn’t seem like they are. Most ethnicities of girls prefer their own, except white girls.

Not that they HAVE to like white guys but most ethnicities of girls (black, Asian, Arab etc.) prefer their own. Guys will fuck anything but girls tend to prefer their own. Except for white girls. Other races of guys get with white girls more than white guys do, which is a bit weird come to think of it. Not to use the tired old saying “White girls love black guys” but to be honest, in America, it’s true.

So why is that? What makes white guys so undesirable to white girls? Maybe a white girl can explain? If guys are unwanted by their own ethnicity - they must be ugly, no?

Also I am Latino so I’m not even asking this from a “pathetic-white guy” stand point.

So just to clarify, women like their own EXCEPT white girls. White guys get rejected by Asian, Black and Latina women all of the time... which is understandable but white girls also don’t want white guts which makes it seem like white guys are just ugly. Make sense?
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Of all the interracial couples out there - most of them are white girls with another ethnicity - usually black guys. That is why I ask this. Most women date their own EXCPET for white women. I just want to know why that is.
I guess if they only date white guys they will be called racist so they date other races.
Are white guys attractive?
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