Do Asian guys like White girls?

I know this question is a generalization, and not every Asian guy likes the same race (plus not every white girl is the same). But I was hoping Asian (or not) people could tell their opinion. I’ve always liked Asian guys (American Asian or Native Asian) but they never seem to like me. I’m 5’ 6”, blonde, skinny (naturally), and I think I have at least a decent face. I also have a sense style (1950’s conservative but still cute). But Asian guys almost NEVER seem to like me. I only remember one Asian guy liking me and he kinda liked everyone (it was middle school).

Anyways, this is a very specific to the person question, but I would really love some answers. Thanks!
Yeah lots of Asian countries really dislike each other. Kind of like Europe. I guess I like them because culturally they are more respectful and thoughtful. Also, Asian guys are usually super hot


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  • There are a lot of Asian guys who do like White Girls. When I was in Korea, some of the guys I knew admitted they had a fascination for tall blondes.

    • Haha maybe I’ll go to Korea then😂

    • Do not tell anyone in Korea that you are partly of Japanese descent or mention Japan in any way.

    • Lol noted

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  • they seem to believe in the stereotype of most white girls don't like Asian guys at all, and wouldn't even be on the consideration list for dating, so they just don't bother trying to white girls at all.

  • He could like you, depending on his personality. Where is he from in background?

    • Well it’s nobody in particular, just different guys I’ve liked throughout my life.

    • Okay I understood and perhaps the next guy you like will be the one. 😊

  • I have yet to meet a race that doesn’t like white girls lol
    For many it’s because they are easier to get into bed for others they just prefer it

  • Asian guys normally like Asian girls

    • I'm jking by the way.

      Western Asians are so different from native Asians. Then it depends on which Asians you're into. For example chinese and japanese don't really like western girls (normally). Vietnamese guys are pussies but the westernized ones are awesome. Koreans date whatever

    • Hahaha thanks for the honesty😂 kind of a bummer though. I really like Japanese guys. (I’m also part Japanese but look totally white)

    • lol it's not a racist thing. Think Atomic bomb and the century of humiliation and backstabbing between China and US. Asians respect their parents generally so that's where it came from. I've dated white girls and they are lovely. .
      PS. did you know that Koreans hate Japanese, Japanese hate China, China hates every Asian country, Vietnamese hate china lol?

      What makes you like Asian guys anyway?

  • Depends on personality but in general, yes.

  • They want to suck white ass


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