Is dating more about race then socioeconomic status?

Cause I have elevated myself and carry myself with a very professional demeanor but I don’t attract those kind of women I attract women who don’t take life seriously and have zero ambition also I’m a multiethnic guy who happens to be attracted to white women and what I heard is most important to them is financially stability


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  • Nah I wouldn't say so


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  • No. It's definitely more about social and economic status.

    • How when I’m not getting results cause as hard as I work I truly don’t believe anyone can work harder then me cause I could see someone in a better spot and I won’t stop til I’m in that spot i become obsessed it’s all I think about I have a ceo like mind

    • I have no idea man, I can't say where I don't actually know you.

    • Didn’t think it would be this hard

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