How do I recover from a failed attempt at flirting?

The guy I am seeing was texting with me today. I asked him where he had gotten his t-shirt from our date the other night and he told me the website, following up with “shopping for yourself?” I joked that I wouldn’t want to risk getting into a “who wore it better?” competition with him. And I sent him a wink.

He went off on a mild rant about people being critical/superficial and how of course we could both rock the same t-shirt in different ways. I realized that he thought I was actually being insecure (I am quite overweight) and sheepishly admitted that I hadn’t actually been concerned and that it had just been an attempt at a compliment about his rockin’ bod.

He sent me a wink, but I just feel so embarrassed. He must think I am really insecure and the fact that he took my comment seriously is now *making* me insecure — like he must think I am so fat and must need so much hand-holding to feel good about myself.

I’m supposed to see him tomorrow. Is it going to be awkward?


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  • just ignore all... think that nothing happened or you should flirt with me instead ;)


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