Why are some women so boring when texting?

Do they got nothing to say or what?


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  • Maybe they aren't interested in the conversation

    • Well then what are they interested in?

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    • She may just be rude or she maybe has gotten busy lately or had a long week?

    • She’s responding now we’ll see how things go from here lol.

  • Well because the most conversation is very typical it's always a guy tryna get with you or only messaging you because you're pretty if you're not boring then the conversation shouldn't be boring for example;
    Guy: Hey Beautiful
    Girl: Hi... :)
    Guy: You're really pretty and I just want to get to know.
    Girl: Ok, sure.
    Guy: Do you have a boyfriend
    Girl: Yes I do
    Guy: Okay
    Girl: Yeah

    • My conversation is nothing like that

    • Well then they probably just not interested in having a convo some girls just weird asf

    • I guess so just sick of them wasting my time if they’re not going to say much.

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