Guys, Should I tell my roomate I have had a crush on him for 7 years?

Ok, so I have had a crush on my roomate since our sophmore year in high school. We were on the same wrestling team together and we became easy friends. I never told him how I felt because he was taken. Well, I just moved in with him and a couple of other people about 6 months ago. He and I are closest in the house and hang out/talk daily. Still didn't say anything. Well, a few nights ago we were drinking and hanging out and he asked if I'd ever take things further with him. Now, we are friends with benefits (after I asked what he meant by that). Which was ok, I THOUGHT. Well, now that we are so close and now this, well, my feelings have deepened. I don't know if I should tell him because if he doesn't feel the same way then I don't want to make things awkward. Or if we do get together and we break up then it is awkward after or worse. By the way, no one else in the house knows what's going on between him and me. Help, I'm itching to figure out what to do!
Ok. So, Intold my roomate that we should stop doing what we are doing. When he asked why, I told him I wasn't sure if I could keep feelings out of it. He said he understood and not to worry. So, we will see how the next few weeks go


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  • You've nowhere to go when this blows up in your face if you take it further and I question your choices to date.
    Can you move somewhere else then pursue him?

    • Unfortunately, not at the moment or I would. Every so often, he will say something that makes it sound like he is interested in more. I am just too afraid to expand on it in case I'm percieving what he said wrong.

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    • .. And I don't want to make things awkward between us as we live together.
      It'd work for me, yes, but only you know your guy.
      Do it in privacy (obviously) but not in the bedroom.

    • Thank you for your help!

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