Could the reason my brother left his ex for someone else be because he had lust toward another girl?

My brother up and left his girlfriend of a year for another girl he met while away at a job program. Me and her were pretty close. I liked her out of all the girlfriends he had. He Didn’t tell her why or what she did, she found out he was cheating on her, I didn’t even know, and he left. Next thing she knew he was tagging the new girl in post on Facebook he made a post of pictures and videos of the two of them together saying how much he loved Her and he knew his ex would see and weeks and days prior to that he was still telling her how he loved her. They were a normal couple and he wasn’t unhappy and before she knew it he left her and plastered his new relationship all on Facebook. He got a apartment with the girl. Bought her a ring. Still tags her cute little post But he tells me how he still hits up his ex, flirting, being sexual even after the fact. He thinks he has a problem.


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  • Could be. He's got some some issues.


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