Why is he not replying to some of his messages to me like wth?

My guy didn't reply last weekend so I asked him if everything was okay and he didn't reply then I asked him again and he replied "yeah you" so I asked him about work and he told me details and then I tried to ask what happened to him last weekend, didn't reply so I asked when I could see him and told him I miss him and he didn't reply.

What is going on our last date was so sweet he even told someone we been together for 3 years when we haven't been. And he wouldn't let go of my hands while we were walking.

I don't get considering my last message does he not miss me? Not want to see me anymore? Is uninterested anymore?
Is he giving up on me?

I'm confused? Help?
He also described in detail and showed me the house he wants to buy and when I asked if something in the house was for me he just smiled looking down



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