Do people date/try to date?

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Are people in their 20's and 30's actually dating, or are those stories of girls going "I haven't been asked on a date in two years!" actually realistic?
  • I go on dates/I see friends and coworkers go on dates fairly regularly
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  • I go on a few dates a year/I see friends and coworkers go on dates only rarely
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  • I go on a one date or less per year/I see friends and coworkers only go on dates once a year or so
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  • No, its really annoying... every time I do something of value like getting food, I get interrupted by a lady wanting a date. It really messes with your time shedule and I wish people would just stop trying to find love.

    sidenote: This is sarcasm.


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  • It's true for some People, yes

  • I don't, sounds boring as fuck

  • No I am very sad and have avoided my friends and chances to date because the only women who say yes are thots who fuck many men.


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