What's the worst relationship you have had?

Im a guy and straight. This is my worst relationship. About 6/7 years ago I was with a girl everything started off perfect about 7months down the line it stared going down hill. The girl I was with at the time thought I was cheating but she found no evidence to proof that ( I get on with girls more because of the sport I do) anyways there was this one day she accused me of cheating again and I said I wasn't then she got mad and she nearly put me in hospital. I was covered in cuts and bruises. And to this day I still get flash backs. What's your worst relationship?


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  • Wow women are really capable of doing that? I had no clue. Anyways, mine was him emotionally draining me for the past two years. It was kind of my fault I knew he wasn’t going to plan to stay with me. But I loved him too much to let go of it

    • This girl was. She threw things at me, physically hurt me. Smashed up my phone and laptop

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