Do You Think It's Ok To Like Multiple People When You Are Dating Someone?

I am not currently in a relationship, but I just want to know your opinions on this.


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  • No because if that’s the case I’d just be single, no disrespect towards you of course

    Can you answer my recent question please?


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  • "Liking" isn't cheating or being dishonest with your partner.
    A thing people don't seem to get is you are ALLOWED to notice other people. Being in a relationship doesn't make the rest of the world immediately ugly or invisible. What MATTERS is whether the "liking" is acted upon.

    • My favourite answer so far. I completely agree with what you said :)

    • Thank you. It's a bit strange that a few don't agree with it!

    • Yeah, it is
      But I guess that everyone has their own opinions

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  • I would say that it's ok. Just as long as your not cheating or being dishonest about who you like other than the person you are dating.


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