How can I stop friend zoning guys I actually like?

I have noticed a pattern in my life lol. I become friends with guys I sort of have feelings for and end up falling for them but somehow put them in the friendzone or we both put each other there and then I end up regretting it.

The first time I was much younger. There was a guy who clearly liked me and told my friends he liked me but we were both too shy to do anything about it so we stayed friends for 2 years and liked each other the entire time. He ended up dying so that's why nothing happened there :(

The second time there was a guy I was flirting with but my friend really wanted him so I ended up setting them up lol. He was confused. Then him and I became best friends and he dated my friend for 2 years but clearly had feelings for me and I had feelings but acted like I didn't. The friend i set him up with ended up being terrible and we stopped being friends. Way after they broke up he confessed feelings for me but couldn't date his ex's ex best friend because that would be terrible. Him & I are still good friends and he's married now and I'm definitely over it.

NOW I have a best friend and I am realizing my life patterns lol and am trying not to do the same thing. I was in a relationship when I met him. He thought i was flirting with him and really liked me but then I told him I was in a relationship and not flirting. But he has been there for me more than any other guy in my life. I actually ended up breaking up with my boyfriend because of it. It made me realize what its like to have a caring and reliable guy in my life, and therefore made me realize that my boyfriend was unreliable lol.

So anyways now I'm single and him and I hang out all the time and he makes me dinners and takes care of me when I'm sick and is the best. But I don't think he has any clue I like him and he's dating other people and i'm so jealous. But I am not sure how to show him i have feelings for him without ruining a really important friendship. He is my absolute best friend.


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