Guys, how do you personally meet girls?

Im a 20 year old whos out of touch with reality man. i failed highschool the first time around so I had to stay back to finsh my diploma, never went to University and only ever had shitty jobs where i dont interact with people my own age. I moved to a new city and know no one. my old friends dont talk to me and haven't made a new one since i was 14. and im alone so I fairly ignorant to what having a social life is like at my age.

So how do you guys meet girls? like actually? I read shit online about picking up strangers and all the PUA crap but I dont believe that this is the case for most guys. I bet you if I asked most guys my age how they meet girlfriends or just get laid, they wouldn't tell me they cold approach 1000 girls a week and pretend to be "alpha".
also if you're a girl, how do you meet your boyfriends?

Im a lost boy and need some clarification on how reality works. and if you are in the same boat as me, dont comment, this isn't a pity party.


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  • How you meet girls?

    Well, you stop playing Fornite for a while, and actually GO OUT to see and meet girls :)

    And no, not a bar, or a club. Maybe just the Zoo, or the mall, or the park etc etc

    But what do you actually mean with meeting girls? do you want to befriend girls? hookups? or looking for a gf? which type of meeting we talking about. Either way, its like i said, you`ll first have to go out and reach out, know what i`m saying ;)


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