Insecure about not being his ideal type?

I've been dating this guy at college for a month now. When we met he said I was beautiful and instantly asked for my number. I'm a tall, green eyed redhead with a tiny waist and nice boobs. My butt isn't anything special. The guy I'm dating told me his type is short girls with black hair and big butts. I was like wtf does that mean since I'm nothing like that... He said afterward "Don't worry I like you for more than your looks. Besides, you wear light hair well"

He calls me cutie and says I'm pretty, and when I'm showing a bit more skin he calls me hot.

It just makes me a little insecure when I'm with him because the thought "He would prefer you more if you looked this way etc..." "He doesn't find you attractive" races through my mind

And it's worse because my older sister who is his age is short with dark hair and a nice butt, which makes me extra insecure about him being around her. I also can't help but think when we're together in public about him looking at other girls that are his type and him comparing me to them...

I know I'm being ridiculous, my question is how do I not let it bother me so?


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  • Oh that sounds exactly like me, far too honest for my own sake. Just saying out everything as it is, and then getting in trouble for just being far to honest lol.

    That honesty is usually taken the wrong way, and becomes a miscommunication or misunderstanding. Your probably insecure for no reason and he was just being honest with you.

    Form a different point of view that is showing trust and not afraid to share anything. Its choosing the honest option over the smart one.

    For example if u found a picture of a really pretty girl, a super model or something. Then a good boyfriend would say "your way more beautiful" regardless of what he actually thinks.

    A good and honest boyfriend would who actually thinks the model is more beautiful would, change the topic or not say anything about her and just say "i think your beautiful"

    The stupid honest guys like him and me would probably say exactly what is on our mind. But regardless of the answer it does not make our girlfriend any less.

    Regardless what he said he likes the most he still chose you and tastes change. From my personal experience a girl can change my tastes a lot. like 10 years ago i use to think hair dye sucks, is fake and hated it. A girl i was really into always had her hair dyed some way be it stripes or something, at first i disliked it, but the more i started liking her the more i started liking the dye. Eventually i started liking hair dye in general. I wouldn't dye my own hair but it can definitely be beautiful.

    There are ofc things i will NEVER approve of like drugs, but a lot of things can change, especially someone you really like can change your views with out even trying.

    Also if he does not find u attractive then how did u ever even meet or start talking or get him to have any interest at all. Outside looks are what attract, inside personalty is what keeps.


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