Why did this guy ignored my text message and can't be honest to tell the truth?

I met this nice guy 3 months ago. He started flirting with me and ask if we can hangout sometimes. I said yes and he ask for my phone number. He texted me last month on August 18th wanting to hangout. We did hangout for a couple hours before he went home. He keep telling me that he find me attractive and like me. I haven't heard from him after a week. So I did send him a text asking how he doing and what he been up to. No response. I waited another week to send another text message. No response. I was talking to my female friend about it. She told me that he is the same guy who had been texting her everyday starting from August 19th. He went to see her at the job where she is a waitress in a restaurant. He asked her out and wanted to possible take the relationship to the next level. I was not happy after hearing all of the informations. It made me realize why he never respond back to my text messages. He was texting another woman. My friend send him a text and ask him about me. It took him a day to respond back to her message. He apologized and told my friend that he was sorry for blowing me off. I did send him a text messages telling him that I know about him texting another woman and that I am done chasing after him. I feel that he did played me for a fool. My friend decide to stopped texting him and keep our friendship. I was surprised cause I didn't mean to cause the dramas like that. She told me that he was in the wrong in this situation. I haven't talk or send him any text messages for two weeks now. I was serious when I told him that I don't have the times for his games.
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