Could her relationship be ending?

So, I've been good friends with this girl for a while and I I noticed she no longer had on her Instagram that she was happily taken, and I asked her out.
She said she was still in a relationship, but didn't hold it against me because I didn't know. But she said my secret of me liking her was out and her co-workers always said they thought I had a thing for her.
I felt that was odd to say, and odd she removed that from her Instagram.


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  • It's definitely odd thing to say, sounds like she asked her coworkers for advice etc. None the less , if she continues to talk with you after asking her out, she's probably into you at least a little

    • She didn't say anything to me, I said I couldn't be blamed for trying, and I said you never know what the future holds for, and I also said I didn't realize I was that obvious her co-workers noticed

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