Would she reach out again?

Over the past 6 years my girlfriend had broken us up now 3 times because of a religious difference, and everytime, she will wait a few months and well get back together.
We've now broken up for the 3rd time and she had just returned home.
Is it likely she will reach out again? To get us together? We've constantly made our relationship better every time we broke up and got back together
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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm curious, what's your religious difference?

    • She's Mormon. I'm a Catholic

    • Well the religious issue won't resolve even if your other issues get better after every reconciliation. It will always stay as a tough topic and if it matters for her so much that she has already broken up with you 3 times then I'm sure she'll never be fully happy with you deep down and honestly it's better for you not to have a Mormon wife. They can be really hard to deal with. Maybe you shouldn't get together with her this time. Honour God and honour the peace of soul you'll need in future. Lack of faith within same religion can be okay but convinced belief in different religions can be sickening to death. Good luck.

    • I know it won't. We had a lot of discussions about it. But we had gotten to the point in our relationship where even our parents put forth effort to find a solution so we could stay together. My issue is is I've reached out and she's not responding. She's don't this numerous times in the past, but I'm not sure about things now

What Guys Said 1

  • She will reach out again to you if she is not over you. I feel she will.

    • The thing I'm concerned about is, she's been gone on a mission for 18 months. I tried to reach out to her by letter recently and nothing. I asked to follow her on Instagram and she declined. She's ignored me like this in the past only to reach out anyway. But she's gone against her promise of always being there for me, and someone suggested that she's just mad. Because she didn't block me. And she may still be thinking

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