I’m so confused on what I should do?

i know my crush likes me but he lives in another state. I’m staying with him for 3 days at his apartment in Seattle since were both competing in a rubik’s cube competition in Seattle. He says I’m his girl and he sometimes calls me babe. I just don’t know what to do cuz I really like him and I really want to be with him.


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  • Stay with him then go home. Have him visit you. Don’t do anything drastic like move there yet


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  • You will be in Seattle for 3 days. It's just hard to be in another state than your crush. In fact, it most often doesn't work out from what I have seen. People just want a close by pal to hang with in person and when one comes along you start drifting apart. Speed may kill but so does distance. Yet I can see why you would crush on him. He's cute.

    • He’s so adorable and so sweet. me and him travel to competitions but I still wouldn’t get to see him as much

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