Confusion.. if he likes me😕😕?

I have a crush on. A boy in my class I'm not sure if he likes me or not but our eyes meet frequently what can I do to make sure that he2 is interested in me


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  • Just staring each other's eyes may not mean anything and even if he likes he may be very shy and having lack of confidence at that age to talk to you, however try talking to him when you see free. See how he is interested in you, if he likes having conservation or dealing with other things. The more you talk, if he is just shy, he will pass it.

    Just when you have try talking to him and see how it goes. Daily normal conservations.

  • Try talking to him and try saying hi and waving. Do you and him sit next to each other?

    • No v don't sit next 2 each other

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    • Wow girl lol your very smart. Lol you should tutor him. lol joking. If he keeps looking at you he probably checking you out and he could be looking at your body. He could be shy and he seems inexperienced.

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