Why are we playing Tag?

I try to keep space recently, but we keep coming back to each other. I have gone on other dates and he’s doesn’t like it. He states it was never broken. I have told friends and family we are done, but we are not. I have always liked the “friendship” of our relationship. I have expressed what I want in a relationship. I told he has to “woo” me again. I asked him if he sees me in his future. He said yes, and told me the time he knew he would. The thing is he doesn’t talk to me about the future with “we” in it. He always says “the future is uncertain or I don’t know what the future will bring”. Part of me thinks this is because of past relationships that didn’t work out. I can agree with him because you can plan for what you want the future to look like, but the result can be different. Don’t know how long I can be patient, but can’t let go. We are going out next weekend. Should I not overthink? He says he is trying to make it work. I don’t think I have patience to this time.


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