What should I do to show her I like her?

There's a girl I like and I need help what should I do to show her I like her or am interested in her because I'm so shy I really can't flirt what should I do? are there any special things you girls like please tell me.


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  • If you're too shy to initiate contact, your first step is to trick your mind into some self-confidence! Girls are insecure, so if the guy isn't adamently trying to win her effection, she'll think he's a) not interested or b) lazy and doesn't want to put effort into dating. SO once you've convinced yourself that you are a great guy with a lot to offer and if this girl isn't interested, it means it wasn't meant to be THEN the next thing you can do to let her know you're interested is LET HER KNOW YOU'RE INTERESTED! and I don't mean send her a facebook message or a text, I mean show her that you know what you want (her) and so you're going to get her. Ask her out face to face, eye to eye. Something like "can I take you out to dinner saturday?" Yes, make sure you name the day and activity. Let me know what you think and if it works out. Good luck!


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  • Things most girls like:

    *look her in the eyes, but don't be creepy about it

    *smile at her like you just saw your favorite thing

    *if you hug her use both arms even if it's a friendly hug

    *make the first move

    *treat her special

    *brush up against her when you walk

    *if you 'accidentally' brush up against her just smile at her shyly

    *talk to her, don't just flirt tell her how you feel

    Hope it helps and good luck :)

  • This is what you do :)

    Pretend like you have to do a fkn survey and ask her to answer a few questions.

    After that, give her your business card ;)

  • no need to flirt. just talk to her and get a feel for the situation


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