If everyone is replaceable why Do some people do this?

Like if someone gets caught cheating or they just get into a fight or argument with their significant other in general, why do they beg or cry or try to persuade them to stay with gifts or by putting subliminal messages on social media. A bunch of “I love you” “I’m nothing without you” “I can’t live without you” messages and tagging you in sweet and cute post? Like if they’re replaceable like everyone else why go through all that?


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  • People aren't that easily replaced, plus when guys cheat, it is normally with a less desirable Woman than their girlfriend or wife.

    • But what if they’re someone who doesn’t have the best attitude or personality. If they’re someone who gets mad over simple things if they’re someone who got you in a dishonest way. By that I mean you guys are only together because they cheated to be with you, got caught and then left who they cheated on then got with you officially. Like I’m sure someone like that is replaceable but I still see people cry over people like that. Not actually cry but cry with post all over social media lol. I don’t get it. And on top of that some of the people they do all that for or over aren’t that attractive.

    • Someone like that is replaceable unless you have a difficult time getting people to be your boyfriend or girlfriend and/or have low self-esteem. Folks in those situations would see it differently.

  • because they are more confined emotionally

    its all psychological and will power based


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