I truly fucked up what do I do?

some of you might already know from one of my questions about this girl i like (Is she just awkward or might she actually be interested in me? )
so today was my the day i planned to ask her out.
well... i went to the store fucked around with friends a bit they kept pushing me as i'm kinda awkward in this sense.
lets get to the point, she stood up and they said oh she could easily be 17 or 18.
i told my friends don't fucking say that now i don't even want to try.
it demoralized me quite a bit and i just pussied out.
i regret it and i want to try but i don't think it's even worth it.
they tried to make it better saying oh well she's not too good and really awkward she might say yes because she can't get anything better, in return i told them well that doesn't help anything it just demoralizes me even more.
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after giving it some thought, i think i'll try again i mean even if she's 17 or 18 it's not that big of a deal breaker i'm still taller than her etc etc so meh we'll see.
i just want the big feeling of regret to fuck off though.
i appear to have dodged a big fucking bullet,
today i came to find out she's 19 and has a boyfriend which happens to be from Moroccan descent and the Moroccan youth around here are known to be very aggressive i dodged the bullet and i'm not looking to take it anyways so i'll have to leave it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You will never know unless you ask her, it will just become another missed opportunity. And once you've had a few rejections they become less scary, it's true.

    • i know that and i'm not scared of being rejected i just don't feel like it's worth it because my friends keep saying oh she looks like she's about 17 or 18.
      she's hella awkward too.

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    • he has shit for brains and shit for morality he once said: well i think i'm gonna stop being a fuckboy i'll tone it down.
      not even a few hours later his girlfriend didn't respond to his texts and he went rogue and said he would dump her and get a new one because i qoute: "they're practically lining up for me"

    • He's obviously masking some really big insecurities. He's probably jealous of you in some way, which explains why he likes to see you fail. It's sad really but some people are like that.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Keep trying, practice makes a man perfect

    Also, just assume she's gonna reject you anyways as it will help with your confidence more

    • I don't know man i'm a little fucking pussy when it comes to actually doing this shit.

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    • i'm not someone who likes beating around the bush, i like being direct kinda what the dutch are known for, along with weed.

    • Good luck for your next time 👍

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  • just keep trying man! I know your nervous but you won't get anywhere with holding back.

  • i'm in kind of the same situation here.. i kinda like this guy and i think he likes me too, but he seems like he doesn't know what to say to me, so i'm not really sure what to do.. anyways, i def would try again tho, everyone's been saying to me, and it's true, you're never gonna know for sure unless you go for it. if you're not sure what to say to her, just talk about something you guys have in common, that's my plan anyways..

    • she's really fucking awkward we've only talked once and she just acted waaaaay too awkward.
      she does this to everyone but she pulled one awkward thing way worse off on me then anyone else.

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    • oh damn ok wow, well if you're both working one day, when you're on break, just take 5 minutes to talk to her. if your boss doesn't like it when people are chatting while at work, just make up some excuse saying you left something somewhere, and was just asking her if she'd seen it, or something like that

    • what i was originally planning to do was just stand in her line and when it's my turn ask her if she wants to go on a date if she says yes just swap phone numbers like she just gives her phone or if she knows her number out of the top of her head she can just say it.
      but i'm sure if i do it that way she'll make a mistake due to awkwardness n shit so i'd rather she give me her phone and i'll swap the numbers.

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