What are his intentions? 20 years older guy?

After having talked to this guy, he invited me for a date. He seemed very mature, but not more than maximum of 32. Comes out he's 38 and I'm 20. First date he gave me a gift, he tried to kiss me and then he asked me if I'd come home with me. He assured me he wouldn't do anything bad. I'm not sure about the last thing, but what's sure is that he's investing definitely too much into me that it should be a one night stand.

Also when telling him that my roommate is horrible to me, he said to me "But when I move to XY you could move in with me", and I had never ever seen someone with such a glance in his eyes. I like him a lot, but somehow something in my gut tells me he's moving too fast.

Please don't let me be a naive bitch who's falling for some dumbshit tell me pls what to do and your advice and your first thoughts on this


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  • the parents of one of my friends are 16 years apart, that might also just be the reason why he looks so retarded. xD

    • Thanks for telling me this now I'm sure about ending ô. ô

    • well no it's really just your choice the part at the end was just a little joke just make your own judgements, that's best.

  • You're certainly right to be cautious. Sometimes guys are just clumsy in their approach and try to move to fast. You should have a direct conversation expressing your concerns and intentions.

  • He has lied to you once, he may do it again. You never know.

  • haha you totally are. That said, when it's over with him hit me up.

    • FML YOU'RE 37 xDDDD

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    • ok honey... as a future lawyer I just wanna put a quote here...

      "I'm a sarcastic dood. Don't take anything I say seriously. on here to have a laugh."

    • Cute, but beside the point. I guess it would be difficult to prove, but, yes, with me... lol... you would be on your willful hands and knees, out-of-breath thanking me halfway through due to the celestial out of body experience I was driving into every bit of you.

      You won't finally end up in a small house with an older man like me. That doesn't mean you can't have a fun relationship that eventually runs it course.

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