Do adult men in their 40´s who want to remain single always and never seriously settle , Does that mean they only see women as hobbies?

As if they dont plan to get serious and never settle or marry in their future, you can think women for them are just to have fun and get laid?

What about if these guys do have women Friends could they hang out with them, and socialize (attend social events, grab some drinks, do things together as only Friends, etc ) but never get seriously with them and never see them as potential targets to get laid in the long run, cause they are only good friends period, firends who hang out and that is all.

Let me put an example I have a male friend who is 45 years old. He still is single, he does not have any children either, some years ago ( I dont know if a man can change over the yeaers though, some do I think) he told me that he enjoys being single and enjoy that freedom. He does not like the drama that comes from having a serious relationship with a woman let alone be married. He said that, many happy families like in a 90% do not actually exist in this era and all those photos of families smiling in social media or in photos are just like postcards, that you have to pretend to be happy in order to pose for a photo that look like a postcard, he call them "postcards family" When many of those smiling potos probably are just a facade and the family could not even be happy

The thing is this guy said some years ago, he does not like to develop a serious relationship with a woman, all the drama that comes from it, is not something he would like to carry, he enjoys being single, free of that drama and enjoy life as it comes. But that does not mean he can't go out with women Friends, like any Friends have their Friends, male or women. So then I wonder if this guy when he said he can go out with women, how will he treat his female pretty Friends, if is not to develop anything in his future with them if the connection is made between each other more than Friends,
so he, the only thing he want from these female Friends are to have sex when they are out together and not beacuse they are good Friends and they can socialize without sex being involved?

This friend also since he is not dating anyone at the momento and he does not have a girlfriend either, he is starting to buy his male toys hehe!! such as home work out machines, new TV set. Good for him I guess. He does not ahve to spend such money in a girlfriend a wife or a partner LOL LOL!!!


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  • They may not see women as hobbies but more like they learned a lesson about women when they are younger.

    You see, young men are slaves to their testosterone levels. This makes them get involved in relationships a saner mind would avoid. Nonetheless, they get involved in these bad relationships and learn a lot about the manipulative or selfish behaviors that many females have.

    So, once testosterone levels begin to subside and we are no longer in that hormone-drenched irrationality, we come to realize two things:
    1. For an orgasm, with masturbation:
    A. It is cheaper.
    B. We don't have to worry about not lasting long enough, being big enough, or otherwise be sexually inadequate.
    C. We don't have worry about the added costs outside the bedroom in a relationship like drama and loss of freedom.
    2. By avoiding a relationship, with 100% probability, we know won't get burned by the woman in that next relationship.

    I don't want to come across like a MGTOW, because I am not and I love women and am a feminist. But, I am simply relaying to you what many older males think. It is for them that sex is more recreational if at all. For them, the costs and risks associated with a relationship are not worth it.


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