He sees my stories & ignores my DMs what does that mean?

We messed around as friends with benefits. I had a pregnancy scare and he stopped talking to me. Had him blocked for a couple days. Unblocked him and now he views my instagram stories EVERYDAY! Mind u, we aren’t even following each other. So he searches for me on ig and checks my stories. 4 days ago I told my co-worker I wanted to invite him to an art expo where one of his fav artists was displaying her art. And my co worker took my phone and sent him a DM, from my ig asking him if he wanted to go. He read it and didn’t reply. But then the night of the expo he viewed all my stories. I sent him another DM today telling him that my co-worker sent him that DM. That I’m not pregnant even tho I’m 30 days late and that I missed his 🍆 ... Ya know lol. He read it but didn’t reply. Like wtf? That’s it, I’m not contacting him anymore. He views my stories even tho we aren’t friends and then ignores me when I send him a DM? What does that mean? I need answers! He sees my stories & ignores my DMs what does that mean?


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  • So you just watch


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