How often do you call or text a new boyfriend/girlfriend?

I just staryed dating this guy and I really like him. He’s told me he mikes me too and even said he loved me. The only thing is he barely calls or texts me. Last time I saw him was Friday, when he slept over and now its Sunday and we’ve only texted a few times. I feel like shit because I miss him and want to talk to him but I always feel like I’m bothering him when I call him or dont want to come over clingy.
  • All throughout the day
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  • A few times a day
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  • In the morning & evening
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  • Once a day
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  • We barely ever text or call eachother
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What Guys Said 2

  • if i was with someone it's usually when commitments permit, before/after work etc

  • I did with my ex a few times a day

    Can you answer my recent question on my page?


What Girls Said 1

  • Few times a day for new.


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