How should I handle situation with a girl giving me a slow fade?

Spent a first date with someone, seemed fine. We both wanted a date after - I wasn’t sure how I felt about her and how the date went but I was drunk for a lot and she was hungover and tired for a lot the next day, so bad first impression and I don’t believe first dates are always a good gauge of someone so I like 2-3. Anyways she said yes to a date and seemed excited (that was like two days ago) but since then I feel like she’s fading on me. It’s really annoying when people do this rather than just rejecting you, so I’m not sure what to do. How should I go about texting her and asking her if she’s just not interested? I want to do that while simultaneously calling her out. But without being clingy or weird about it.

TLDR what to do about person slow fading me?


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