Should I tell my boyfriend that I don't like one of his female friends?

My boyfriend (30) and I (21) have been dating for almost a year now. Not gonna lie, I don't really care for most of his female friends because they all seem fake and are always seem to be competing against each other (who has the higher GPA, who is prettier, who has the better car, etc.). I should also mention that most of his friends are in their early 20s and they're all students (he's known all of them for 5+ years since he emigrated here from a different country and had no family here) and he's a professor. He's a really nice guy and he loves all of his friends but most of them act differently when he's not around. My Friends and acquaintances also noticed this. There's one girl that he's friends with though. He absolutely adores her which I'm fine with. I actually used to like her too. So basically she sees me and I say hi to her but she acts like she doesn't know me and it's a reoccurring thing. TheniI sit down at the cafeteria with her and a few other girls (who are also his friends). I'm sitting right next to her and she's inviting everyone at the table and the table next to us to go with her and my so shopping. She invited everyone except for me. And when my so comes to the cafeteria she starts holding his hand and I pretend like I'm not there. I should also mention that when my so is around she's very nice to me. I don't know if I should tell my boyfriend about this because it's all very high school and petty but I also don't want him to invite her around and I feel like I'm lying to him if I don't tell him. And please don't say that we shouldn't be dating or anything like that because he's a professor and the age difference. Thanks!


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  • Lol why would people complain about the age difference? You're a grown women. You should tell you're boyfriend because if you keep it to yourself you're going to resent it. Probably. Try sitting him down and explaining the situation. Tell him that you don't like the way that you are being treayed and that youve ignored it, but its starting to get to you. Remember not to use the world hate.


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