What is he thinking now?

I’ve been dating this guy for 6 months now. Once I needed an escape from a situation & he went back home from where he was and invited me over to get away. He allowed me to shower at his place & did my laundry while I did. I was impressed by his behavior. He own me over. I asked him via phone to be my boyfriend and the conversation ended telling me we should talk in person about it. I didn’t bring it back up for quite some time when we got together. Once I did instead with questions as to why he was distant and I felt I knew the answer was going to be a no so I didn’t want to ask. He told me he didn’t want anyone to get close to him, he has a painful past relationship. I do as well so I tried to comfort & relate. Then I verbally let go to him but came back. I have stayed the night many times. I start work before him most of the time. Once I didn’t say I had to work, but he said he’d leave his spare key for me to lock up, didn’t happen because I left before him like always. Next time he left me to skeep in, with a good morning didn’t want to awake you text & no key. I asked about leaving his place unlocked and he said it was on. Now it’s the 3rd time I was left to sleep in & I check my phone & see a morning text & him saying sorry for not saying good bye & telling me there’s a key next to my phone. It’s a key to his apt not the building & he hasn’t asked for it back yet. I don’t want to offer it & have him get the wrong message. I just don’t understand what this means other then him trusting me. I did ask our status, he doesn’t believe in labels, he isn’t dating or intimately with anyone but me.


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