In love with someone you can never have?

Yes. The classic. I have fallen for a friend of mines girlfriend who is also my friend. I know nothing will come of it and yes I know saying anything will cause a war. I jump at her texts, I dress and look my finest around her, I try anything just to get s single meaningful sentence in. While realizing it's all in vain. Yet just her hug helps calm me down. It gets me through the day and it's all I need. Pathetic isn't it?


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  • Pathetic, no but not really the best way to go about the situation. Why not find someone of your own to take your mind of off it? Much better than coveting your friend's girl

    • I know man it's just a double edged sword you know? horrified to lose her yet I know it's not healthy.

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  • Never say never if I'm that into someone I'm going to get her one way or the other and my gut friends that think their exes are off limits, I don't think so.


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