One long email per week?

I have been emailing a man for a while now. We started with texting but it seemed to make him feel like he was failing and he said he liked to think out replies, be thoughtful and not feel the need to respond right away. I usually send and recieve 1-2 very long, thoughtful emails a week. Each have many questions and stories and we're definitely going deeper. My responses take a long while to write so the pace worked for me too.

We had an amazing first date a week ago. Talked for hours about everything and really connected. He said he liked me a lot as we parted and he's complemented me a fair bit in his last email. I know there is interest but I'm suddenly wanting to talk much more than we were but the frequency is about the same. I want to see him again (it's been a week!) but going back and forth by email infrequently means it's a while to set a date.

What's the best way to speed this up or should I just be patient?


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  • I would go for instant messages like kik app or this message box of this site. to text a babe.

  • Tell him you want to speed things up


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