Why guys go from texting daily to not for 4 days?

This has happened on a number of occasions. I’m just wondering if it’s something I am doing? Or is this a “gamer or a way to make me like him more? Or is he insecure? Idfk.. I’m talking to this guy (I’ve never met) I like him a lot and he says he is so excited for our future together and that he has pictures how cute our kids will be lol. Our conversations are going good but then I just won’t hear from him for like 4 days? Is there reason behind this? I was the last to message so I don’t want to seem obsessive


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  • I was chatting to a girl on GAG actually and then didn't chat to her for the whole weekend. She subsequently blocked me but didn't give me a chance to give a reason. I was out in a game reserve with friends the whole weekend and had no signal.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are sometimes genuine reasons behind guys not speaking to you

    • Yeah i took 16 hours to respond on Bumble (you know heaven forbid my job is more important than a dating app...), and she unmatched me with no communication. Women are far too entitled in this department

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  • Because the last thing men want is a woman who is so insecure she needs constant validation via text. It gets old very quick.

  • I’ll never know. I’d text from day one. (Especially asap to make sure I get the email/number correct. lol)

  • Why should he invest so much attention into a broad he's never met? That would be f#cking ridiculous.


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