Well I am average looking guy (7/10) , normal body , fair but i'm shy at talking to girls. Comment about how can I get good at communicating with ppl?

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  • Are you sure it's only an issue with girls? How well would you fare around, say, me and my friends if we chat with you?

    Because that's the sweet spot as I see it: your ability to befriend and converse with strangers. I've never met a guy who was only good at picking up girls. If he was good, he'd usually be pretty good at befriending complete strangers as well (male or female, young or old).

    It's a social skill in general as I see it. Dating a girl is one of the more challenging social things you can do. But it isn't that too much unlike befriending a stranger as I see it, and the nice thing with that is that you can practice all the time... if you're up for it. There are strangers all around.

    • I started off as very shy -- and I went from shy to zoning in on girls when I got lucky one time and got a drunken hook-up. But I was miserable for the most part -- just spurred on by horniness, perhaps. :-D Yet it wasn't until I got the hang of befriending complete strangers that I also got some hang of really confidently talking to girls.

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  • Practice- also in situations other than hitting on girls.

    Looks alone are not enough, as you realize. Do not worry About getting turned down- it happens to everyone.

  • Well just relax and go out there. Girls generally don't initiate the conversation. And be confident in talking.

  • Nope, you need to be at least 9 to attract a girl who is a 6... (Assuming you have an avg income)


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