Is it weird to follow request guy from work on instagram attracted we barely spoke?

Is there a chance he's attracted to me? There was this guy and about two other people there for boarding the flight. I'd seen this particular guy at a different flight once before but we never spoke at all. As soon as he saw me acknowledged me was like " are you the lucky lady going outside for this flight?" smiling the others didn't as much. And spoke a lot. Then when the plane arrived before I went outside the guy warning me now how its cold or chilly outside I'll probably need a jacket or something to stay warm weather wasn't that great. And telling me what to do saying which would be easier even though I knew already. Later in the week as I was coming down the stairs both caught each eyes then as I walked pastI saw him turn around and watch me. I feel some attraction there or something? he seemed extra nice. It's been about a few weeks not spoke or seen since sent a request to follow him couple days ago still says requested it looks like maybe he's been inactive everything same. Is it weird to follow him don't know him well. My friends in work said it was ok they're ones or convinced me to send it.
still says requested


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