Girls, where can I find a gamer girlfriend but not a snotty b***ch?

As if my name doesn’t give it away, I am quite the nerd ( just not the one you picture ) ! Not some fat white kid on the couch who never moves. I want a gamer girl who’s naughty but not only with me, but not some physco b***ch who’s gonna go Laura Croft on my ass because I happen to kick her ass in call of duty. I see Girl gamers but they’re more like cam girls on Twitch & Mixer, wearing low cut shirts just low enough so guys stare at them, an they let guys make dirty comments about their outfit in chat. These “ Gamer girls “ are usually taken, or have kids from previous relationships ( no thanks ). Do these people exist or are they just girls pretending ( role playing ), smearing on make upwearing low cut shirts & trying to convince guys they are gamers? If there are gamer girls are they shy? Do they own an Xbox or PS4, not have kids?


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