How do you date a guy who is knowingly seeing other girls?

been dating for 3 months, at the beginning he was all about me, things have definitely faded. two weeks ago I kinda asked what we were, and that I was kinda wanting a committed relationship. We talked it out he said he just still wasn't 100% sure but he knows he likes me. The next week he barely text me and doesn't try to hang out with me. Friday he sends a text telling me he doesn't see a future with me because I need too much attention. It doesn't make much sense because I barely text or see the guy. In the past I texted him more but I kinda adjusted because he isn't a big texter. Anywho I cried a lot, I really like him. I went to his place the next morning, to get my stuff and to talk in person. He says he does like me but just can't 100% be sure about us and he feels like I need an answer and he doesn't want to lead me on. I was like is there someone else and he was like kinda. When we first started going out it was made known he was going on dates still but we were exclusive in the bedroom. but after a while I asked if he was going on dates and he said no or that they weren't going good. I was thinking he is focusing more on me, so I was surprised he was seeing other people, and one of them he had seen a couple of times and she had spent the night. So now I have two options walk away and hurt or let him date around while I date around and see what happens. I told him I would be okay with him dating. I really believe what we had was better than most, and I thought maybe he just needs to feel things out and figure it out. We go out for breakfast and have one of our better dates. As soon as I get home I feel all the pain, like why am I not good enough, why does he need to keep seeing other people. Im hurt but im crazy about him, what do I do? do I look weak bc I told him I was okay with it?


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  • I wouldn’t date a guy who is seeing other girls, in short. You should move on from him, you can do so much better.

    • that's how I normally feel but I just really like this guy and I wish I didn't. I think im not strong enough to pretend it doesn't bother me, it makes me feel devalued.

    • Do what’s best for you and move on. If he really liked you, he wouldn’t have to think about whether to be with you or not. You can do so much better.

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