Trying to get her attention?

There’s this girl I’m interested in we’re friends for now just started back texting again. We use to have chemistry/like each other but it’s been so long I can tell it’s not there right now. How do I get her attention and get her to see me how she use to? I know I have to start texting her again to get her comfortable enough to feel those feelings again, girls in your opinion how long does this usually take for a guy you may or may not be interested in the same to consider talking to him if he’s consistent in showing you that he appreciates you and wants something more im assuming around a month or 2 hopefully before she finds someone.


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  • Ask her on a date, no better way to catch feelings then to know that someone likes you and to have a fun experience with them :)

  • It depends, if she doesn’t like you there’s nothing you can do... Sure, you can text her often (but not too often) and be kind to her and maybe she will get feelings for you, but it is difficult.
    If she already likes you or is at least interested, then in a few months (or weeks, or days, it really depends on the girl) she will feel comfortable enough with you.


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