Ladies, whats your ideal husband?

Ladies, whats your ideal husband?

This question is for fun. Ladies, list all the characteristics a man must have for you to hear wedding bells. How does he act?, Whats his personality?, What is his occupation?, What does he do on his spare time?, What are his hobbies?, etc. Put down all the traits you want and/or can. If you want to go into more detail, putting down a picture would help.


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  • My boyfriend.
    Always there to listen to me no matter how much I complain and no matter how annoying it can get at times, caring about me and my Health, making sure that I'm doing ok in my day and if I'm not, trying his best to make me smile, loyal, humble, intelligent, honest, but also knows how to joke, when to joke and when to be serious, knows his limits, respectful. Also he likes travelling which is important to me, he likes the idea of living a self sufficient type of life, he likes simplicity and just being natural, he likes animals and pets, he adores kids and want some of his own, he's also a great friend.

    I can list more but it's getting kinda long.

  • Buy me shit and shut up.


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