Finding Love With A Physical Disability = Mission Impossible. 24 year old male with Cerebral Palsy. Completely Ignored By Women? Please read below?

Only my balance is affected, I rely completely however on a Walking Aid for mobility. Recently I attended a social outing with college friends. Each friend works/lives a considerable distance apart we had not gathered (in person) for almost two years. Upon arrival at the venue I immediately noted I was the ONLY one of my college friends (of the same age as myself) without a partner/girlfriend. it really resonated with me as I felt the "odd one out". I appreciate it takes some people longer to find a partner/lover however as the only one without a partner out of a group of approximately 20 it was thought provoking to say the least. I realise many of the college friends will inevitably part ways with their current partner and maybe a number of subsequent partners before they find "the one" - i. e. a life long partner. From personal experience when socialising in college and thereafter, while I have some women friends (acquaintances) more like. - Women never consider me with regard to dating potential. - Having a conversation only out of politeness or as a friend. Women consider my disability a burden, (many incorrectly assume my disability is genetic) and therefore seek an able bodied partner as a potential future father to the children they intend to have. For women an abundance of able-bodied men seek their companionship, these able bodied men offer all a woman stereo typically seeks in a man protection, manliness (strength) and ability from appearance at least to become a future father of their children. Women tend to view a disabled man as weak, a burden and certainly not a potential future father of their children mainly due to society labeling of the disabled as inferior. A women who considers dating/shows an interest in me is ridiculed by her friends who believe she can attract better than myself. Society labels a woman who dates a disabled man as having failed at dating or a "last resort". Therefore women don't never consider dating a disabled man. Advice?


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  • I agree that the current dating situation is pathetic, we are being bombarded by the media to love women for who they are. But what about us guys? We have to be strong, independent, successful, over 6ft tall and good looking to be considered as dating material? It's very biased. I think women only get an understanding of the situation when they get older and their looks fade. Essentially age 30-40 they'll realise that the number of men pursuing them drops rapidly and at that point they are apparently become more accommodating to the type of guy they will date


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