How do I approach this guy?

Ok it's quite funny really and I might sound like a stalker lmao. I work at a care home, it holds around 100 residents and is absolutely huge, out in the country with lots of land around it. They get the grass mown by a company, there's like 3 guys usually doing it. I see them out the window because I'm in the building obviously.. there's one in particular I like the look of. He's always walking along with earphones in. I've seen him twice now and I just find him so cute and I wanna somehow get his number and get speaking to him. I can't exactly shout out the window but like if we make eye contact what should I do? How often do companies get the grass cut? I probs won't see him again for a while because he was there 3 days ago doing the grass lol. I searched the gardening company he works for on Facebook and tried to see if I could find him but I had no luck. ADVICE PLEASE


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  • You believe yourseif


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