Is this necessarily true?

“Moral of the story is it don’t take a man long to know if he wants to marry you and be with you forever. While y’all out here dating 5+ or 10 + years waiting on that man to ask you? he might not ever ask you to marry him. A man that wants to make you his wife will let you know.”


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  • Marriage isn't genuine. It's an expensive rock and a piece of paper that has nothing to do with love and everything into guiliting people into staying together.

    If a rock and a piece of paper are that important to you, great. Just keep in mind there are men out there who want someone to love them as a person, not as a roster spot for your marriage

  • not entirely true, many guys and women also... can either know almost straight away or it may take even longer for them to realise that the one they are with is the one they wanna marry... this could be even more the case if one of the couple has been married before and had a bad experience within said marriage...
    not necessarily the case all the time but the moment that that trust is rebuilt then yes they will make their intentions known that they wish to marry again
    but not to just anyone


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  • It's true and if a man doesn't know if he wants to marry you than of course its a "young" man is confused with himself along with the decision he wants to make. It doesn't take me long to figure if i want to be in a relationship with someone by the first week of me meeting them. Since i am not the one proposing than making a tricky decision isn't on my shoulders but if i'am deciding whether i want to stick around and be pursued for a relationship i'm taking notes to see if that guy is worthy of me. If a guy has to wait 5+ years to propose than it's clear that he's not into the woman nor marriage.

    Taking it back to the baby steps if a guy dates a woman for 3 months and he's not speaking of the future or popping the relationship question? That's an issue. It's like looking at an item online for months and finally having the cash to afford it so add it to your cart but.. you don't process the card to purchase the item. Did you really want it after all or just the idea of it.

    • So if a guy is with you for a year and doesn’t propose that means he’s not gonna Marry you?

    • A year is too early but say it's 5 years and no proposal than something is wrong. It's takes more than a month to know someone but you were saying does a guy knows who his wife will be while in that relationship the answer is yes. That does not mean he's going to propose instantly but whenever he's ready and it's with a reasonable time. (4-5years or earlier depending on the guy because everyone is different)

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