Why is she trying to bring me down?

a friend of mine... is trying to gaslight me and also she talks to a coworker about me behind my back.. all of a sudden she switched on me and is also starting arguments with me... why would she do something like this.. i regret wasting 1 year hanging out with her... its time i can never get back.


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  • She desire something and can't get it from nowone else but you.

    • ? what do u mean

    • She want something. Trust me, everyone has shit to do in there lives. Why do she care about what you do? Well obviously she must interested in something. And that something is making you look or feel bad cause she lacks the attention or brains. Maybe she's jealous, maybe she want to make herself look good cause no one else pays attention to her, maybe she's empty inside and can't convey properly.

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