We broke up almost 2 years ago.. so is my ex just being friendly?

I sent out a mass Christmas text two days ago to my whole phone book. he replied and kept carrying on conversation, congratulating me on getting into different colleges and all that. I resisted the conversation for a while but eventually I gave in because I really like talking to him. We talked from 10 till around 1 and he didn't text back. yesterday he responded in the late afternoon still making an effort with the same conversation. then he didn't reply back till ten last night and we talked till 2 in the morning. I fell asleep and replied this morning but he hasn't replied.

He kept brining up things we talked about in the past like marriage in general and kept talking about how many kids he hopes to have in the future and how he hopes hell get married, in the past he always told me he hoped to marry me and he wanted me to be his wife some day. He plays so many games, Two months before their break up we started becoming friends for a little and he tried making me jealous but I didn't react.

I could tell he was enjoying talking to me but I don't know what this is all leading up to. Him and his girlfriend broke up in September after a year and she was the rebound off of our relationship but I feel like he is trying to rebound now with me maybe? I don't know what to think of all this. Talking to him felt like things were exactly how they were when we were good and dating but this always happens, we have a conversation and then I don't talk to him for another 3-5 months. Usually our conversations don't last long and he doesn't bother to respond hours later and make this big of an effort at conversation but am I just hoping we have more of a future?

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i went over to his house two nights ago because I'm friends with his sister. we were bored and drew a picture of him and put it under his door. the next morning he texted me asking who drew it and said he just saw it and we've been talking since but
he only responds every couple hours because he's been with family.

i don't know if this changes anything just throwing it out there


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  • sounds like he's wants to be friends. did you guys talk in those 2 years? and sounds like you want to be friends as well since you sent out the text

    • for the first year no it was really awkward and then over the summer I texted him saying I think we should be frineds again and the past is the past there is no reason why we shouldnt, and he agreed and said he thought about texting me but just never did. then we talked for a few days and he backed off a little and didn't try to be friends anymore so now we just talk occasionaly

  • Well there must be something in you that keeps him coming back to you, so you're obviously a person he cares about. But like you said he plays so many games, and doesn't respond. And he just got out of a relationship recently. It would have helped if you told us why you guys broke up :/ but um I guess try to remember what went so wrong with the relationship in the first place. It's not a bad thing to catch up and be on good terms with someone but just remember, he broke your heart once before, he can do it again. I say be just friends with him for now, because until he makes more effort into trying to be with you like texting you back or just being there more, don't hope for too much in a romantic relationship with him. Keep your options open, don't fall for old comfort, there was a reason why things didn't work out.

    • Thanks! that makes a lot of sense

      We broke up because we hid our relationship because he was my best friends brother and it was really complicated, she got mad at the idea of anything happening with us and it was stupid for us to hide it and I don't know how we got away with it but we did. I know another reason why we broke up was I was too clingy, and I pushed him toward the girl he rebounded with