Ladies what are your experiences like on dating websites?

I wanna see if my info matches up with what everyone here thinks

which is

alot of girls (the more attractive ones anyway) on dating sites are really picky, they get heaps of messages meaning they only reply to certain guys

Then the less attractive ones get less but are still picky because they are on there looking for Mr right thinking he exists online or if not picky accepting of most guys.

Plus I'm pretty sure race plays a big part in who they choose

  • I get like way to many messages/requests (20+) a day and only reply to the hottest guys
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  • I get like way to many messages/requests (20+) a day and only reply to the guys who made it personal and put thought into their messages and profile
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  • Get a few messages/requests (5-15) a day and only reply to the hottest guys
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  • Get a few messages/requests (5-15) a day and only reply to the guys who made it personal and put thought into their messages and profile
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  • I hardly get any messages/requests (less than 10 a week) so I reply to pretty much everyone
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i care about the personality not about the looks

    • :D lets hope you're not lying hehe, a lot of girls don't say what they actually feel or say something then in the heat of the moment act differently lols

    • lol I call BS.

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What Girls Said 4

  • I looked for the personality. I paid for the online dating to get the guy I have always wanted. To fall in love with someone I could spend the rest of my life with. If all I wanted was looks I would have picked one of the hot guys at my college. I found what I was looking for on line and I am very happy now. If you wanted the pretest girls on the site and she did not reply to you it may be because she found her mr right, but I can't see why anyone would pay money just to get some good looker.

  • Depends on the girls... and the guys. Don't think that guys aren't picky too! Anyway I met my boyfriend online so it does work sometimes but it's a hit and/or miss deal.

    As for race... I don't know... people are racist online and offline so it's not an exclusive thing... oh and girls who are hot/pretty are picky in real life too, same as guys... so that's not exclusive either.

    But I WILL say that as a girl you get tons of messages from all kinds of guys, some nice some weird, some freaks, a TON of pervs. If you come off as a perv you'll never get answered...unless she likes pervs...

    But seriously, if she doesn't like you in the first place, why would you want to date her?

    • yes guys are picky on dating sites, we go for looks first then read the profile and msot guys just say like hi what's up? to every single hot girl he says and starts being really persistent if she replies once but never again, so I kinda know a fair few things but I still don't know how to always get a response, because even if I have personality it still doesn't get me so far, I hate to say it, but maybe I need the good chest shot too

  • I'm definitely picky, but not because of hottness.

    It's more because I want to make sure that 1) They're not a creep who wants to murder me and 2) their profile is filled with things that I'm also interested in (or could become interested in).

    Mostly I don't want to waste either of our time if I don't think we at least match a little.

    If I don't answer it is because I'm either afraid of you (less likely, really) or I think that you're not quite boyfriend material. That is to say, there must be one or two things on your profile that you've said you love that I just don't care for. (For instance, many times a guy's profile will say "I LOVE hiking!" and that'll immediately tell me no, because I'm the whiniest most unpleasant person when I am hiking, which would be terrible for both of us. I'm good at it, I just hate it. D=)

  • To be honest with you, at first I was shallow and replied to the good looking guys even though their profile sucked. I'd talk to other guys as well with a bit more personality but they never turned into anything.

    I found out the hard way TWICE that attractive men on dating sites are likely to be after only one thing. Not saying all good looking guys are pricks... but most are :P So now, for me, I ignore the messages from the model types and go for someone not so obvious.

    • Sounds like you have bad choice in men. Didn't you try to get to know them?

What Guys Said 3

  • yeah online dating is not a fun experience unless your in a city where a lot of the interesting singles are on a certain site that is affordable or free . anywhere that I've lived its not been very good , at home in a small town almost no one was online and only a handful of singles with in an hours drive . at first college a better selection but most from bigger cities 1hr away and not reply as I was from a smaller one and too far away by there thinking . at second college in bigger city I find the selection of dating sites pathetic for a city of 1million , they seem to be less popular than before and almost no one on them . haven't joined one or been active as there seemed to be no point .

  • Nice question as a guy I know online dating sucks hard.

  • I've been using only dating for 5 years now on multiple online dating sites and women never view my profile or reply to me.

    I'm a 9.5 on and the only people contacting me are 40 year old gay guys. Women are so shallow that they won't even reply "No thanks".

    If online dating continues like this for me I'm gonna have to seriously start considering these guys and what they're offering me, especially if they can help me adopt children.