I Feel A Tad Stressed Out, Rant and Advice?

So this guy I am dating, isn't a bad guy but this is just getting out of control to the point I want to do other things.

Me and this guy have been together for a little over 3 and a half years, its a long distance relationship, so we are always talking on the phone and gaming. But its basically ALL we ever do, to the point I barely get anything done including my chores and other things I want to do. It doesn't matter what time it is, he constantly wants to call and have me play games or watch him play games as soon as I get off work for example, so I am basically glued to my chair/bed and forced to sit for hours on end or playing on xbox even when i do not want to at all.

I deal with this daily, and no i am getting very very very bored of doing nothing else but standing at work then sitting at home getting nothinh else done or what i want to do. I told him no, just a few minutes ago to calling and gaming as I really really don't want to as all i want to do is my own things as I JUST walked through the door.

Kinda needed to rant, as its making me stressed to be concealed to the same actions every single day basically and also to get some advice.


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  • So are you dating? If so then your boyfriend needs to man up and know what he gotten himself into (talk to him) otherwise you can just leave him.

  • Long distance relationships don't tend to work.


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