Is my boyfriend a virgin? Why is he even with me?

My boyfriend is from a small town, we met online and he said from the start he was looking for a serious relationship. He hasn't pressured me into sex, he's fairly shy but now he's opened up. He hasn't ever talked down to me or made fun of my stupidest things I've done infact brightens me up when I'm down. We are 8 months in and he asked over text the other day that he wanted to take it to the next level and asked when I wanted to do the dirty (meaning sex). Cause he's been taking things slowly. I'm a virgin, and I brought it up tonight cause I told him I wanted to talk about it in person. And he was being kinda shy about it. He was quiet when I brought it up so I asked the questions. Then said something along these lines of "it'll happen at the right time" and I said I've never done it before and he said "Same here". Is he a virgin? We are both 21. He said he Hope's were together forever. I met his family and friends. And started talking about kids with me. Whenever he drops me off he always says "can I get a kiss?" And whenever we are walking he asks to hold my hand. He doesn't touch me either. Is he a virgin? IIdk why he is with me, we are total opposites of each other. Is there chemistry here? I'm attracted to him sexually also. He makes me happy, I get knots in my stomach when I see him. I'm literally a fat chick. He could do better..


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  • Yeah he's most likely a virgin and well opposites do attract me and girl are very much so complete opposites and we've been together a year and how you look doesn't matter he obviously cares about you a lot. But never say someone deserves better than you I'm pretty sure he likes or loves everything about you


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