Girls, Womens' a opinion on MGTOW and the red pill community in general?

I'm not sure how to articulate this question in it's entirety but I'll try my best.

I've been studying the various red-pill ideologies (MRA, MGTOW, PUA etc.) for a long time now, because relationships are really something that I've wanted desperately to understand on a deeper level. I've never been in a romantic relationship and partially not by my own choice so that makes it tough to understand since I can only get a 3rd hand perspective. So far I've rejected the "red pill" and am still actively rejecting it (present vs. past tense), but I'm certainly no feminist either; I find both ideologies to be intellectually dull and emotionally toxic.

Anyway, my question is for girls primarily, and on the topic of MGTOW. There are certainly a lot of glaring flaws I've noticed with the ideology as a whole and one that I've never been able to get past is the bizarre tendency to treat women like automatons following a psychological script; you can never trust what a woman says because in the end, she'll just follow her biological code, "Pay attention to what she does and not what she says" as MGTOWs will say. I've always thought, "well why not ask women what they think and come to a compromise?" but of course for the aforementioned reason, that's pointless, because she'll never give an intellectually honest answer anyway.

Well let me ask the question: what do you girls think of MGTOW? And as an extension there is one thing I REALLY have been wanting to see for a long time that I've never seen expressed by anyone. What does a woman who is aware of her own psychology and of her own "nature" (whatever that means) think? Would she say that MGTOW is fundamentally wrong in it's theory, or would she say that women really are just shallow bitches looking for a masculine man with as much wealth and status as she can get and will leave him for a better guy whenever one comes along?


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  • Okay in terms of over population MGTOW is a great idea to tidy up the gene pool.
    Is anyone really aware of their own phycology? I think we all tend to see ourselves either with rose tinted glass (lovingly in excess), or dreary self-doubt.
    Some women feel like being shallow bitches is the only way to attract men and their tiny conception of deeper meaning.
    Whether or not someone is the type to stick around when the going gets tough in favour of a path of lower resistance is hardly a matter of XX or XY chromosomes. in my opinion

    • Full awareness? No. I think that is impossible either practically speaking or objectively speaking. However introspection and self-reflection is a means through which one can better understand oneself. I'm not sure if that's tougher for women or not but I wouldn't be surprised if it were (not that I mean that in a derogatory way). I know from years of that dreary self-doubt that one can gain a meaningful understanding of oneself, however comparatively shallow it may be, by constantly checking and double checking every thought and feeling, so long as one is always being both emotionally and intellectually honest with oneself.

      Right and I agree 100%, I think that it is more indicative of one's emotional maturity rather than of gender derived deficiencies as Feminism or MGTOW make have you believe. As an aside, I should mention that the same applies to a "conception of deeper meaning" as you put it as well. More a matter of emotional maturity and often age as well rather than of gender.

    • But there's that long as story/joke thing about a woman gettin all worked up thinking her fiance doesn't love her anyw=more but really the lawn mower wasn't working and he was mulling it over..
      Is what I was refering to.. but yeah.. That too.

    • I remeber at intermediate and primary we had hearty reflection emplates each week.. I need soem templates.. They were good.

  • To each their own, I guess?

  • They whine a lot on the internet


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