My boyfriend like my friend Again?

Okay so i have strong feelings that my boyfriend like my friend again. Before we started dating we were good friends and we both crushed on different people, his crush being our friend but she wasn't interested in dating anybody. later on we started to develop feeling for eachother and we started to date. We've been dsring for five months now, after summer passed and school is now open its like we've become distance (even our friends noticed) and it made me sad I talked to him about it and he said that we were fine. For the past to weeks I've noticed how he interact with her and would look at her. I told two of my other close friends about it and ask them to watch and see if it look a that way to them and they said "yea it kinda does". I haven't confronted him about though but I still like him a lot a lot and I don't want us to break up but it makes me cry everytime I think about the situation (about him liking her) and I don't know what to do. Everyone is welcome to give advice
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  • Sounds like my ex. He liked my best friend but she liked someone else. Months later, he and i start dating after i start to like him. Months after, we took a short break. He slept with her during thatbshort break. They rubbed it in my face after


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