Was this foolish?

A few months ago, I asked out a girl I had a crush on in highschool. She accepted but was fair warning, we had been great friends, she may not develop romantically for me.
The date went ok, but I felt it was very short and I didn't get a chance to help myself.
After being dodgey, she said she didn't want to go out again and I completely stopped talking to her.
Then she texted me updating me with her new number. But when I asked her out that was the first time we texted in three years.
I just found her on ok Cupid, and I liked her and said, "just in case you change your mind :-)"
Was this foolish to do?
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  • Honestly it was kinda smooth. Who cares if it was foolish. Fuck it, and if she doesn't change her mind her loss

    • Thank you. But how was that smooth? I genuinely don't understand

    • "just in case you change your mind"
      I think it's clever given the first date and not only that you don't look needy

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